An important person once told me that if I listen to people’s opinions and apply all of them in my endeavors, I will find myself heading north one day, south the next day, West the third day, east the fourth day and back to north again. In other words following people’s opinions as they are may make one helpless in controlling his or her destiny. This applies particularly to the case of students because they are the lot that receives a lot of information or rather ideas from multiple sources like


There are so many things that interest me in life but snooping in other people’s businesses is completely off my path. People in college see me as a polite and resigned person, and that is one of the reasons I have managed to catch the attention of the gentlest lady in our class. In campus, I am also best known for my excellent writing skills that yield outstanding grades for my clients though I have not yet sat down with her to see if we are capable of falling in love. I believe that respecting other people’s ideas and not letting them shape your decisions is an excellent way of being at peace with them.